Saturday, 1 May 2010

Kids Competition for Adults

I spent some time this afternoon kicking a soccer ball with my friend and her adorable son. It was so much fun and it put me in a playful mood all day.

As I was driving home, I wondered what I could do for today's post and decided to create a 'kids' competition for adults.

Didn't you just LOVE entering competitions?

Whether it was guessing how many jelly beans were in the jar, colouring in your favourite cartoon character, collecting tokens, licking a Paddle Pop to within an inch of its life or sucking Sunny Boys till you got brain freeze, there was always excited anticipation that the winner could be you.

The drawing pictured top right was done by yours truly on my laptop's sensor pad - sans mouse or fancy graphics tablet - so please excuse the childlike nature.

No, actually, don't excuse it - celebrate it!

Once you've done that, decode the symbols to make a statement. Write your answer down in the comments section below (on Blogspot, not Facebook) and if you're posting as 'Anonymous', please remember to write some kind of ID - be it your name or clever code word so I can identify you should you win.

The best competitions were always the ones where the winner could choose their own prize. So if you're the lucky guesser, you can name your prize from the five options below.
  1. One random stuffed soft toy (could be a Smurf, naked Cabbage Patch doll or Powerpuff Girl's blonde head)
  2. Two man-dolls. No idea who they are. Purchased from my local op shop.
  3. Three random she-dolls. May include a Barbie. Purchased from my local op shop
  4. Three Random children's books (no, not written by me)
  5. One copy of a rare children's book signed by the late Bud Tingwell, the author, illustrator and the two main characters of the book (yes, written by me)
The Fine Print:
This competition is open to anyone who is willing to indulge in the joyous feelings of childhood. The competition will remain open until the correct answer is posted in the comments section below, or until Project Grace 2010 comes to its conclusion on 3rd November 2010 (whichever comes first). The winner will be announced on Project Grace 2010 within 48-hours of the correct answer being posted, where instructions will be given on how the winner claims their prize. One guess per person, the first one will be accepted as your official entry.

That's it, may the force be with you.

Until tomorrow, may the feelings of childhood bring you great joy.

Grace xx

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  1. Eyes that are green, see nothing obscene
    It's what's in their heart, that sets them apart
    Give them cotton balls and a quartered toothpick
    They'll show you a sheep wearing pouty red lipstick

    -Zia Grace (hehe)

  2. Haha, told you I was feeling playful! Zia Grace is me incognito ;-)

  3. "I love lamb"! But I am always thinking about food. Doing a roast chicken tomorrow but will be wishing it was roast lamb.

    Your poem is cool.

    Here's one back at you:

    "The all seeing eye, he didn't like pie, he liked eating fish or a similar dish.
    But what he loved most, was having a roast, but we're not talking ham, we're talking roast lamb!"

  4. Love it Garrie! Though I'm afraid your answer doesn't quite match the one on the 'answer' sheet, so the kid's prize is still up for grabs!

  5. ooh oooh oooh I know!!
    It says "I love you"

  6. Jaala has it! Smart girl!


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