Friday, 14 May 2010


Have you ever heard of S.A.D? It stands for Seasonal Affective Disorder, which is commonly known as winter blues.

I first heard the term about 15 years ago when my GP (General Practitioner), aka doctor, diagnosed me as a sufferer. I thought it was totally ridiculous and never took it seriously. Ever.

Yet with the onset of each winter I seem to have a recurring set of symptoms; chronic fatigue, heightened anxiety and a feeling that resembles an elephant sitting on my chest.

Occasionally there's some relief when the sun breaks through the clouds (or I get to do a Bollywood class), but generally the mood is grey and glum.

How long can I continue to turn a blind eye?

Would finally acknowledging this as an actual condition, and take measures to manage it, be better than burying my head in the sand - or more accurately, my pillow?

My husband suggested I take a flight north and get some sun. I am considering it.

Until tomorrow, if something persists - take notice.

Grace xx

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