Saturday, 29 May 2010

Honouring those at Stage III - Bargaining

So my tribute idea is not going as I thought it would go. I had grand visions of opening up a global conversation as we progressed through the five stages of grief.

I imagined people opening up and airing their experiences, thoughts and feelings, albeit anonymously, to help themselves and others heal. Contributors and readers alike would have felt important, considered, acknowledged, supported and loved.

Oh dear, I'm such an idealist. Is that pathetic? Is it time that I learn once and for all, that it's safer to be a realist and stop trying to be a hero.

I am a little person with big ideas. Too easily discouraged. Too often full of fear. It makes me wonder, who do I think I am?

Until tomorrow, keep going because you said you would.

Grace xx

PS. The answer to Saturday Quiz No. 1 was EARWIG and the winner is... Garrie, the iron commentator. Congratulations Garrie, you have a virtual set of steak knives coming your way. These imaginary knives will have you cutting rubber tyres, Reebok runners and aluminium cans in no time.

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  1. cool and thanks! ;-))
    Your tribute idea is going well, but it is a hard topic. Look at how many people initially responded to your first related article. We can all relate to these stages and for lesser reasons have gone through all five stages sometimes in a day.

  2. Very true. I've had days like that.

  3. How ya goin', Darling? (that was my desperate attempt at a little Aussie-ness)
    So, yes... it's hard to be a blogger. I write mine for me, but it makes me feel like I'm doing something wrong if I don't get enough (or what I feel is enough) feedback, praise or desire for further discussion.

    As for bargaining, oh boy oh boy, been there, done that. Nothing I'm quite ready to make public, though (nor is it very interesting reading).

    But I'm very happy to see that the big step you took 5 days ago helped show you where the next steps needed to go! Brava!!

  4. We are scared to lay ourselves bare like you do on most days. We all have experiences that we can share but aren't brave like you. Or in my case I would feel like I was whingeing because I am blessed to have three healthy children. Perhaps we feel guilty becasue our troubles aren't as bad as others. Perhaps we don't want to contribute through fear of trivilising your issue.
    I had a friend who had twins and tragically lost one of them. People used to say to her "at least you still have one" This was zero comfort to her. She did not feel lucky or blessed becasue she still had one. She felt and continues to feel completely ripped off that she lost a child. Are we afraid to contribute becasue we are afraid of saying the wrong thing?


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