Thursday, 20 May 2010

Well, well... well (the sequel)

I've had time to ponder since yesterday's post and it seems you have too.

Here are the responses I've received thus far:
  1. Remind ourselves how blessed we really are... far better to focus on the positive and count your blessings if you want to fill your well

  2. Ride your bike, it fixes all the world problems one pedal stroke at a time

  3. What if you dont have time to ride your bike... and you know how blessed you are but you still can't shake it off?

  4. Dig a hole... go outside, grab a shovel, dig a hole and plant something... spending time in the sunshine, nurturing a small patch of earth and making a investment in your future is an exercise in hope
Firstly, THANK YOU!

Now for my responses:
  1. Reminding ourselves how blessed we really are is being grateful for having a well in the first instance. Counting our blessings is also useful. We could do this literally by having a container that is our 'well' (i.e. jar or empty ice cream container) and then write our blessings on scraps of paper (recycle) and fill the well one blessing at a time - I like it!

  2. If one has a bike, is capable of riding and loves it, then brilliant. If not, then one must find an activity that is engaging and fulfilling. For me, it's being playful and creative for fun (as opposed to being creative for work). This morning I chose to colour in the well. I was completely absorbed, in the moment and most importantly I was using a part of my brain that doesn't get as much exercise as the other side that does all the thinking and worrying.

  3. I also have moments when suggestions 1 and 2 don't work for me. This happens when I am in serious 'drought'. What I is I tell myself that every drop is progress. You know how a dripping tap can fill a sink? Same thing. One drop at a time, or as No. 2 suggested, "one pedal stroke at a time". I also look at what's emptying my well faster than I can fill it and takes steps in addressing it.

  4. Spending time in the sun (without falling asleep and burning to a crisp, but that's another story) is brilliant for filling the well with vitamin D and increasing serotonin production. Nurturing something to grow in a patch of dirt sounds lovely, though I don't have a patch of dirt where I'm living right now, but am now considering adopting a plant next door.
Once again, thank you for your contributions.

Until tomorrow, keep filling the well and mend the leaks.

Grace xx

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