Thursday, 20 May 2010

Well, well...

Has your well ever run dry?

One day you wake up and find yourself...
  1. without any energy, enthusiasm or drive

  2. feeling compassionless when hearing someone spilling out their wounded heart (and all you want to do is book that waxing appointment you've been meaning to do since you started resembling a wooly mammoth)

  3. without an ounce of patience, not even to wait for a child (or your partner) to finish their sentences

  4. unable to withdraw cash out of an ATM, or pay for your shopping with the credit card (ouch!)

  5. staring at the contents of you fridge and cannot think of a single meal to put together

  6. spending two hours to come up for a idea for a blog and then another two hours to write it (no, I'm not exaggerating)

  7. doing one, some or all of the above

Q. What do we do when our well has run dry?

A. We fill it up (hard answer, wasn't it? - not)

Q. How do we do that?

A. .....................................................................................................
(okay, now it's your turn. Aha, not so easy hey? Please write your answer in the comments section and we'll see where it leads)

Until tomorrow, find ways to help bloggers fill their wells.

Grace xx

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  1. Remind ourselves how blessed we really are ... just looking at the news headlines is a good starting point; with all the troubles in Thailand, Pakistan, Korea, across the Middle East etc etc. not to mention all the thousands of people along the southern coast of the US who depend on the sea for their livelihood. I'll stop before the list gets any longer & more depressing. Far better to focus on the positive and count your blessings if you want to fill your well.

  2. MtbSkillsCoachPat20 May 2010 at 12:15

    Ride your bike, It fixes all the world problems one pedal stroke at a time ;-)

  3. What if you dont have time to ride your bike (it's not an excuse but a fact) and you know how blessed you are but you still can't shake it off.

  4. Jason Lawrence20 May 2010 at 23:42

    Dig a hole.

    Seriously. Go outside, grab a shovel, dig a hole and plant something.

    Spending time in the sunshine, nurturing a small patch of earth and making a investment in your future is an exercise in hope


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