Thursday, 13 May 2010

Bollywood Masala Saaga

Oh my goodness I AM SOOOOOOOO EXCITED!!!

I started my Bollywood dance classes tonight and I absolutely LOVED it - so much fun!

It's 10:30pm, I've just walked in the door and my eyes are popping out of my head. What a day. What a fabulous day.


It all started when we took our international guest to visit to my cousin's winery, Witchmount Estate, whose 2004 Shiraz won the 2008 Syrah du Monde (best Shiraz in the world). Luckily for us, the museum stock has just been released and we all snapped up a few bottles for a cool $80 each (bargain!)

I then parted company with Pat & Co. and met up with the delightful Year 8 student I'm mentoring at the Abbosford Convent, along with her mother and mischievous younger brother. The meeting adjourned a pot of tea later and I embarked on an hour's brisk walk to the dance studio. Unlike last week's high altitude training, this time I was adorned with rubber-soled Mary Jane mid heels (stylish AND practical).

I meandered in and out of wonderful little streets and cobbled laneways before I found myself in the same street as my friend's ultra funky design studio, Platform 5 (BTW as a result of this blog I was asked to write content for their website, which they're in the process of uploading. In the meantime, see 'Our Work In Words' and 'Disciplines' written by none other than your's truly).

It just so happened that as I was passing by, two people were pushing their bikes out the front door. I asked if Dan was still in. Affirmative. I slipped upstairs for a surprise visit (don't you just love that?) and within a few hugs, a micro chin wag and a wave goodbye, I was back on the road.

On the way to the dance studio I noticed a very groovy place I thought could be a good venue for the finale dinner with Shirley - our Singaporean amiga, Pat's coaching client and a dynamo pocket rocket (one in the same person). The intriguing exterior was framed by a kitsch-come-cool white picket fence with the words 'Southpaw' on one side and 189 Gertrude St on the other.

Upon closer inspection, the restaurant-bar was just fabulous, complete with quirky retro furnishings and enhanced by Parisian bohemian flavours. Très cool. The menu was tantalising so I booked a table for three at 7:30pm - just in time for me to return there after my Bollywood class.

I arrived at the dance studio 25-minutes early. Then I misread a sign on the door believing that it said class started a further 15 minutes later, thus leaving me a total of 40 minutes to fill in. I had the strong inclination to call my cousin, who lived a few blocks away. Turned out that she was visiting her dad (my uncle) in hospital, which was literally around the corner.

I ducked in for a half hour visit and returned to the classroom thinking I was 5 minutes early. Actually, I was 10 minutes late. The sign I'd misread was for 'Belly Dancing, 3rd May at 6:30pm' instead of 'Bollywood Dancing, 13th May at 6:15pm'. What planet was I on when I read that notice (twice I might add)...?

Luckily I only missed out on stretching (phew!). I was shrugging my shoulders, stomping my feet and shaking my hips in no time. Loved loved LOVED it. Still smiling.

After dancing, I met up with Patrick and Shirley for our last supper (she heads off to Brisbane tomorrow). Delicious food, AMAZING wine and superb ambience. Totally perfect.

So all in all, a massive day and I'm pooped!

It's now 11:30pm and my five minute post has turned into a Bollywood Masala Saaga*

Until tomorrow, go with the flow and see where it leads you.

Grace xx

PS. I've gone nuts with the hyperlinks today and I would like you to know it's because I WANT to do it - and not because I'm getting paid for it (haha - I wish!). Actually, I often get asked for details when I mention specific places in my blog, so I thought I'd save myself a dozen emails or phone calls by directing you via links. They're there if you want to follow them and if you don't - just don't click them. Too easy.

*Saag is an Indian spinach dish that I love (thought you might enjoy the pun) and yes, I did take that photo when I was in India last year.

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