Monday, 3 May 2010

A winner, hot yoga and a half-birthday dance party

Congratulations Jaala, you guessed correctly, an eye, heart and ewe (female sheep) decodes to I LOVE YOU - well done!

Please go to my Blogger Profile Page and contact me via the email link so I can arrange to have your prize delivered. Just remember to let me know which prize number you'd like to claim and know that you can have it delivered to anyone, anywhere, anytime.

Well that was a bit of fun!

Okay, so what's new today?

I found a hot yoga place near here on one of those 'find your local blah blah' websites. As they're notorious for being outdated, I rang to see if their advertised 9.30am class was still running. They didn't answer, so I left a message (I still haven't heard back from them).

I was left wondering, "Will I? or won't I?" and then I thought, "Bugger it!" and went anyway. The freeway was like a car park and I very naughtily drove on the inside lane (which is supposed to be for emergency stopping, but I was emergency going).

I arrived at the studio three minutes past the scheduled start time. The door was locked. I could hear people talking and laughing so I gave a gentle knock, but it was in vain. I returned home feeling deflated. "Bugger 'em," I thought.

Upon entering my abode, I decided to empty my fridge of outdated, half mouldy and 'we'll never eat that in a bunker' food (as you do when you're rejected from yoga). I felt much better. Then I remembered that today is my half-birthday, remember them?

I know most people outgrow celebrating half-birthdays when they stop playing on the monkey bars, though I never did (stop celebrating half-birthdays OR playing on the monkey bars). The reason for this is that I have a cousin that was born exactly six months before me. As long as I can remember, whenever it was her birthday - it was my half-birthday.

Well today is her birthday - so a BIG happy 40th to my cousin Rachel, and a not quite as big '39 and a half' birthday to me. I'm celebrating tonight by going to a Zumba dance party at my gym. $10 entry, finger food, drinks and a master Latin dancer teaching us some grooves - what a perfect celebration - woohoo!

So it' s hip, hip, hooray from me.

Until tomorrow, decode 'eye heart ewe' to someone dear to you.

Grace xx

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  1. Happy Half-a-Birthday, Grace!

    Darn, I missed my half-birthday. I have also arrived at yoga with determination a few times, unfortunately determinedly tardy... Half the battle was won (since simply going to yoga is sometimes more difficult than the yoga itself). I wrote a bit about once tardiness as well, if you haven't read it already (it's never too late!!). Click on my name to read it. Cheers xo


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