Thursday, 6 May 2010

High Altitude Training

This morning I found myself doing high altitude training in the urban jungle.

After a hair-raising incident, and a decent chuckle at myself, I knew precisely what to call today's blog.

A few weeks ago I registered for the Adobe Roadshow, which I attend whenever they release a new Creative Suite (mainly in the hope that THIS year, I'll be the lucky winner - not so).

However right before bed last night I (insanely) declared that I wasn't going to go. I have become so enraptured by my new daily routine that I didn't dare risk upsetting it. Could this mean that I'm becoming addicted to the treadmill and weights? [gasp!]

A bit odd really, because ordinarily I'd find any excuse to skip the gym - like, "it's high time I did that basket of last year's hand washing" or, "I need to sew the middle button on that shirt I haven't worn in 18 months" or how about, "I must go to Medicare and queue for three hours so I can claim my $12.13 - every penny counts!"

You know, urgent stuff.

Even MORE odd, is that I LOVE Adobe events. I learn so much and I'm completely fascinating by all the wonderful and 'wow wee' new technology (yes, geek at heart).

So what happened this morning?

The oddness had rectified itself overnight and I woke up with the 'simply must' desire to attend the show. I just could not forgo the opportunity to learn for free. Just. Could. Not. Thus leaving me in a panicked state as I hurriedly prepared for my immediate departure.

Running around the house like a headless chook (Australian for 'chicken'), I quickly put together an ensemble - my 'creative suit' (haha). The look was accentuated by a gorgeous pair of chocolate brown, Italian leather, knee-high lace up boots with killer heels that would have Carrie Bradshaw swooning. Delicious.

En route, I decided that I'd park in my parent's apartment block to;
  1. avoid heinous city parking tolls, and

  2. walk several blocks (too many to count), uphill to the venue and make up for lost gym time (I had an appointment in the afternoon, which could jeopardise my attempts to do an evening workout)
It was only after I had embarked on my trek that I realised how the height of my heels, whilst stylish, provided some ludicrous challenges for the half hour hike ahead of me. As I raced along at cracking speed, my pinpoint heel lodged in a cracked cobblestone - thus resulting in an unsightly twisting motion where my knees went in one direction, my hips in another and my arms extending in what must have looked like someone trying to start a Mexican wave.

Had I an easily-bruised ego, it would have definitely been damaged beyond repair. Luckily, with my sense of humour intact, I laughed at the imagined spectacle of myself and mentally assessed the well being of my ankle. Phew, a near miss.

So that my friends, it what I call high altitude training.

Until tomorrow, take a few moments to consider your footwear beyond looking fabulous.

Grace xx

PS. As for my afternoon meeting, it was with a student I'm mentoring. We met at a McDonald's (not my choice) and I decided to stay back and take advantage of their free wifi. In case you're concerned, I haven't eaten a bite. My husband has taken the car and here I am at 8:08pm local time, with 6% battery, freezing (went outside to take the photo of my boot under the ultra-fluorescent lights and I'm still here) and I'm 5km (3mi) from home. Luckily I had the foresight to do my training in the morning - just too bad I didn't extend that vision to influence my choice in footwear.

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  1. LOVE YOU! you're so funny! just checkin in to say HI!
    - chanel


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