Saturday, 15 May 2010

In the red

Red is today's theme.

I'm wearing a red beret, red cape, red boots, red bangle and read earrings, which went perfectly with my red handbag that is now resting next to my red cup.


Because I'm celebrating a friend's 40th (hello Mickey) and we were instructed to wear a splash of red. Done.

So after a glass of red, we retired early as Patrick has a mountain bike race tomorrow. We pulled up at the front of our place a little before midnight and as I stepped out of our red car I sighed, "Oh poo, I haven't done today's post yet!"

So here we are.

My eyes are red, I'm going to bed so goodnight my friend, I'm off to rest my head.

Until tomorrow, pick a colour and thrash it.

Grace xx

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