Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Dancing Queen

Last night was so much fun. After I purchased my $10 ticket, I entered what's ordinarily the group fitness (aka aerobics) room - but on this occasion, it was far from ordinary.

The dimly lit space was decorated with coloured balloons, streamers, shiny foil stars on the walls and, wait for it... DISCO LIGHTS!

The music was delivered by a live DJ who bobbed up and down as he spun some Latin flavoured tunes.

The room filled with around 50 excited women (and one even more excited man), as we waited for the dance leader to jump on stage and guide us through what is known as 'Zumba'.

We had eight minutes warm up that was basically standard aerobic moves synched to great music. At that point I thought I had been duped and had become sceptical. In fact, had I been closer to the exit door I think I would have walked out.

Thankfully I stuck it out and before I knew it, I was travelling the world through dance. We visited South America with salsa and cha cha, then we moved to an American 'hood with some hip hop (felt like I was in in a Missy Elliot video). We continued on to India with Bollywood, Arabia for belly dancing, Africa for tribal butt shaking and finished in Greece with my favourite, the zorba.

It was totally fabulous, and I totally loved it.

While I was grooving, shaking and thumping, I had a 'connection' moment. I recalled just how much I loved to dance, and affirmed that I still do. It doesn't matter whether I'm 'good' or 'bad' at it, it's more to do with how moving to the music makes me feel. In a word, BRILLIANT!

When I'm dancing to music I love, I am completely in the present moment. My head is empty of thoughts and my body is full of feelings (mostly pleasure, though at times my feet might argue that point). I delight in the sensations of the beat vibrating throughout my body and how the rhythm dictates my moves. The music and I are one. I am happy, flowing and free. It's so good.

Last night reminded me just how much of a dancing queen I really am. It's a part of me that I love and lost somewhere along the way. I am happy (so so so happy) that I reconnected last night. It's just like bumping into one of your favourite long lost friends - bliss.

Until tomorrow, put on your dancing shoes and reconnect with your dancing queen (or king).

Grace xx

PS. Photo is circa 1992, when I was a mega dancing queen!

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  1. Never trust spiritual leader who cannot dance. ~Mr. Miyagi, The Next Karate Kid, 1994

  2. Nice one Kate!
    Thank you for your wise words c/o Mr.Miyagi xx

  3. Just dropping by to say hi and congrats on getting Disqus installed :)

  4. Dancing DOES rock .....


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