Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Change in focus, not intention

As you may know, I created 'Wednesday Weigh-In' to keep me on track.

I thought a weekly check in would keep me focused, knowing I'd have something to report.

However something wasn't right.

I decided many years ago that weighing oneself weekly was not always helpful in ones quest to trimming down. Contending with the psychological blows that accompany the inevitable fluctuations, often does more harm than good.

Scales are an inaccurate measure of one's true progress. This is because they do not measure fat, they measure weight... and weight is made up of a number of things, such as bodily fluids, muscles, bones, organs, skin, hair, nails - even un-excreted faeces! (not to mention clothes).

A true measure of fat loss is how your clothes fit and how your body feels. If you want measurements - look at centimetres and inches instead of kilo's, stones and pounds.

So with all this in mind, I had to do something that still kept me in check with weekly reporting, but was more in line with what I believe. So, I created Wednesday Wake Up!

Right now, I'm finding out why my body is resistant in burning fat (high insulin and under-active thyroid are major contributors) and learning how I can make adjustments to resolve these issues. I was instructed today to focus on stabilising my insulin first and foremost, then work on fat loss. But you know me, I love a challenge and to multi task ;-)

Until tomorrow, if something isn't working for you - change it!

Grace xx


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