Sunday, 14 March 2010

Will and Grace

Today I'd like to talk about a side of me that I've had a troubled relationship with. Please allow me to introduce you to Will - Will Power.

Will and I once enjoyed a very healthy and mutually respectful relationship. Will was always by my side - ready to stand up for me when I couldn't stand up for myself.

If it weren't for Will, I would never have won $15,000 in a body transformation challenge back in 2002 (see pic below) - nor would I have had the courage to launch my children's book in 2007... but that's another story.

It was a comfort knowing I could rely on Will. Always at my side and stepping in at any sign of weakness, Will was dependably there to save me from myself.

But something happened.

Over the last few years, Will had proven to be rather unreliable and, until now, I'd never bothered to ask why. Instead, I became despondent. Having felt that Will had abandoned me, I began taking a series of regrettable actions and inaction, which lead me to the unenviable point of 'losing myself'.

Whatever happened to my friend and saviour Will Power?

Thankfully, Will has been dropping past more regularly since I embarked on Project Grace 2010. Today, while I was at the gym, Will and I had a long overdue conversation. Just in case you have images of me talking to myself while the gym manager dialled up the dudes in white coats - this was all taking part in my head while I was licking the sweat from my upper lip, which I might add was deliciously salty.

I discovered that Will became wounded several years ago and has been battling just to stay alive. There were moments when Will would gain strength only to crumble whenever there was a bump in the road.

I discovered that Will was like a muscle and if not used, would atrophy. The more Will is exercised, the stronger Will would become.

Going to the gym to build my muscle's strength and endurance is also doing wonders for Will. The two of us, side-by-side, are unstoppable. As I become stronger, so does Will... and vice versa.

Thankfully, our relationship is healing. With each day and in every moment I connect with my wonderful long lost friend, Will Power, I feel anything is possible... and with that, I am happy.

May the love and strength of Will Power be with you too.

Until tomorrow,

Grace xx

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  1. Good for you in all of your accomplishments and in your rebuilding of your relationship with Will. May Will be with you for many many days to come.


  2. Thanks Anna - Will says to say 'hello' xx

  3. There is a TV show named after you two!

  4. Grace! Tell Will I said hello and that I look forward to seeing him in the near future....

  5. Thanks all! Will's doing fine despite a slight unrest during the time I broke my butt ;-)


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