Thursday, 18 March 2010

The Day I Lost My Mojo

Yesterday I had a meeting with a friend whom I've known since navy blazers worn over a white Tshirt and Levi 501 jeans were considered a revolution.

We worked together at Country Road; Dan would transform basic window displays into stop-in-your-track works of art, while I would transform "Just looking thanks" browsers into "I'll have five of those" customers.

Dan has gone on to establishing one of Melbourne's progressive design houses and has recently started following my blog. After declaring I was an entertaining writer "with great energy" (thanks Dan), he asked if I would consider assisting on a project, to which I enthusiastically obliged.

Dan, the man, defined 'mojo' before Austin Powers popularised it. Stylish, witty, entertaining and creatively brilliant, Dan would no doubt impress (and perhaps even give a few pointers) to fashionisto Carson Kressley.

What I discovered during the course of our meeting, was that Dan was mirroring what I was experiencing. Somewhere a long the way, we'd lost our mojos. Though interestingly, I could still see it in him, and he could still see it in me.

That got me thinking... how do we loose our mojos?

It doesn't happen instantly; not like loosing a pet. You'd be phoning the lost mojo emergency centre, stalking the neighbourhood trying to locate it, posting signs on street poles (see pic) and so on.

Loosing your mojo is like getting a small splinter in your tyre as you zoom through life at thrilling speed. You barely notice it. Day by day your mojo deflates, till one day your wheel struggles to turn (too bad the spare tyre around your waist doesn't quite replace your missing mojo!).

I can't remember the day I lost my mojo - and I don't think it really matters. What does matter, is knowing how to get it back.

Firstly, you have to remove the splinter in the first place (emphasising the first-ness)... and my bet is that splinter is you, and what you think of you.

Secondly, you need to pump mojo magic back into yourself, which you can do via a number of ways: *Please note: mojo is best built by experiences, not possessions
  1. Revisit some of the things you loved to do when your mojo was swinging (particularly if you're baffled as to why you ever stopped doing it). If you're too embarrassed to do it publicly, start by doing it at home alone with the blinds down!

  2. Start something new that inspires the mojo in you. Learn a language, an instrument, a craft, an exotic (or erotic) dance. Something that takes place weekly is good at building mojo, especially if it's something you've always wanted to do.

  3. Hang out more with those that see the mojo in you - they will remind you of who you really are and who you want to be. Warning: Beware the mojo vampires, they will suck the mojo out of you before you can dial 000 (that's 911 to my American and Canadian friends).

  4. Reflect on your mojo-ic history and honour it. Look at photos of yourself, your creations, your achievements and basically anything that represents you at your best. Warning: DO NOT lament over what you've lost - celebrate your successes. Reconnecting with yourself in a healthy way will help the mojo flow back into your life. Be inspired by who you are - reflection is to remind you of your fabulousness.

  5. Create a mojo-ful future that excites you, inspires you and gets the mojo juices flowing. Book that overseas trip, enrol in that course or write the first chapter of your book.
Until tomorrow, may your mojo forever be by your side.

Grace xx

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  1. Great work Grace.

    Cheers to Mojo's.

    looks like yours was like a blow up pool deflated in the corner of the garage collecting dust, I can now see it inflating before my eyes. Huff and puff til its blown right up again.

    ;-) PaT

  2. mmm, pondering and committing to writing, for though I feel quite grey and fuzzy I know my mojo lurkes simmering just under the surface. My mojo moments hinge on music, feel the bass building, tempo rising ... and I'm off- mojolicious! You're right though- so many mojo vampires out there "you're too old, you're embarassing, you don't get out enough blah blah blah" I hear you Grace and I embrace my mojo!!

  3. Go Mojolicious!

    Grace :-)

    ps. I wonder if wearing a garlic garland would ward off vampires of the mojo-milking kind? (wow - that's almost as challenging to say as two all beef patties, special sauce... etc.)

    pps. You don't have to disguise yourself as anonymous - I won't bite you!


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