Monday, 29 March 2010

Mt. Fabulous At Forty

Today, somebody asked me "What do you do?"

I was keen to blurt out "I'm a Self Expressionist" after my recent occupation declaration (refer to blog). Though, in all honesty, I found saying it so much more difficult than writing it.

Instead, I distilled my current activity into just a few words "I'm taking time out".

I then proceeded to talk about Project Grace 2010. While it might sound like it's 'just a blog' to the unacquainted, it's more than that. Much more.

Project Grace 2010 is a daily commitment that I make 1, to myself and 2, to you.

While my goal is to recreate, redefine and rebuild the me that I want to be (by the time I turn 40), this space is also a forum where I'm free to be me for all to see... and encourage you to be you, even if it's only privately (looks like I've had a bout of Zia Graceism - aka Dr. Seuss-itis).

I am not trying to sell you anything. I'm not trying to convince you of anything. There's nothing secret or sneaky underlying this - there are no ulterior motives*.

This daily act of introspection, reflection and enquiry, combined with inspiration, wisdom and humour, is my method. My way of honouring myself, and preparing me for what is to be my fourth decade.

Though I do not know the altitude or gradient of Mt. Fabulous At Forty, I do know that putting one foot in front of the other will take me there. With each step, I look around and take in the view. I can see where I've come from and look forward to where I'm going to.

Until tomorrow, may there be no mountains high enough or no valleys low enough to keep you from fabulousness.

Grace xx

*BTW, any links to outside websites are to 'fill you in' so you know what I'm talking about. In this instance, there are growing number of readers who don't know me outside of this blog... and maybe saying "Huh? What's Zia Graceism?" - so it's for you. If you are struck by intrigue, you can find out more about me and my alter ego outside of this space.

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  1. Grace,
    I am in Egypt on business.
    went to check your profile and you will love this...
    automatically translated into Arabic....
    Hope to see you an Pat next month.

  2. Love it Grace! Am steadily treading the path to Mt Fab too. It would be so easy to try and follow your footsteps, but that would be your journey- so instead I am pointing my compass to P, selecting on my ipod- recently added 'laughter', and following my instincts up the gradient to happiness! See you up there in December xx

  3. Thanks Anonymous Trev - If only I could reply in Arabic I would say "I'm not stopping by Singapore on the way to France, but will do on the way back - see you in about 10 weeks(ish)!

    As for Anonymous summitting in December with a compass pointing to P - what's P?


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