Saturday, 13 March 2010

Fringe benefits

Not sure if you know, but I'm studying French at the moment. I'm off to France in July to host a tour of non-riding New Zealanders at the one and only Le Tour de France - I'm so excited!

I've been watching French films, practising French phrases and researching French properties for sale. I'm hooked.

This brings me to my hairstyle.

I love bobs (hairstyles, not breasts - read it again). My mum was a hairdresser and I had a keen eye for stylish do's and in her era of beehives and French rolls, the bob really did rock.

I've had bobs at various stages throughout my life and I have to say, I'm always happier when I'm donning one. They're short enough to be practical and long enough to feel feminine. Perfectly me.

I went one step further with my latest 'do and had a very short fringe cut (well, actually, I cut my own fringe... then had the hairdresser tidy it up). People have commented saying it takes courage, it was a gutsy move, they wish they could do that to their hair and so on. But truly, what's the big deal? It's only hair - it'll grow back!

Then it got me thinking...

Maybe I am a lot braver than I think I am. My decision to have a bob with a short fringe was primarily a practical one; less hair equals less products, reduced washing and drying time and no-frills maintenance. Too easy. But yet for some, the benefits do not outweigh the risks.

If you (or your partner) have been held back by fear when it comes to your ideal hairdo - take it from me, the risks are worth taking. If it all goes pear-shaped, so what? It will grow back (BTW when I lived in London, mine went mushroom-shaped and I became known as Champignon, which I think is kind of cute... and French). Worse case scenario - get a wig!

By being 'brave', I've got a practical, easy to manage hairdo that I love... and the fact that it looks très chic is a bonus... one might say, is a fringe benefit. I know, I know.... I know.

Until tomorrow,
Grace :-)

ps. I want to acknowledge two amazing and SUPER-brave women who did The World's Greatest Shave this year - Marilyn who dyed her hair green and Nikki who did a 'Sinead O'Connor' and lopped off all her dreads to go completely bald - you girls are amazing!

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  1. A new hairstyle is a great way to mark a change in your life. Our mate Kieron had a little platted rats tail for the duration of his university time and removed it the day he graduated- whether he liked it or not he committed to having it and then then he snipped it off with great joy. Perhaps you can mark your 40th with a new coif...Gx

  2. I agree, my new hair do goes something like this. BZZZZZZZZZZ, would you like a number 1 or number 2 buzz cut sir. I think I will lash out and have a number 1 thanks.

    It takes us fellas with fleeting hair a while to come to terms with the fact that you can't polish a turd and that we need to shave it down and forget trying to pretend we are not thinning out.

    Added bonus of the shaved head, much cooler in hot weather, zero maintenance and products, aero dynamic for us bike riders.

    Cheers to shaved heads.

  3. I've never thought of polishing a turd... much less chopping off a rat's tail!


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