Friday, 26 March 2010

If I could talk to the animals

If I could talk to the animals, what would I say?

I'd say "I love your coat!" but wouldn't ask where they got it from.

If we were close, I might say "wow-wee, your breath's a bit pungent" but I wouldn't offer them a mint.

If they could talk to me, they might say "Love your glasses, can I sniff them?" but they wouldn't wait for me to answer.

It's times like these you need a camera because no one would ever believe such a conversation took place.

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  1. My cat talks to me all the time.

    "Feed me!" "Feed me!" "Cuddle me and then feed me!" "Let me outside and when I get back in feed me!"


  2. My animals talk to me!!! And I talk to them ~ no need for replies either way. We just know! ;)) xx

  3. He he he.. so true - perhaps he thought my sunglasses were made of liquorice !


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