Thursday, 25 March 2010

Snowed under

Have you noticed my blogs have been getting longer...?

I have.

While I've enjoyed this new platform of self expressionism, it's starting to tip the scales to the point of imbalance. One could say, I'm beginning to get snowed under.

So how do I re-balance my life whilst still honouring my commitment to Project Grace 2010?


I post a stunning photo with the intention to inspire you.

So in keeping with today's theme, here's a photo of me trekking in Sagarmatha* National Park, Nepal, in 2006. It was the day after we'd been literally snowed under.

After two weeks of trekking, we reached Gorak Shep (approximately 5,200m / 17,000ft altitude) just as a snow storm hit. After a restless night's sleep, we were advised to abort our plans and follow a 'yak train' down to safety, for there was no telling how long we might be stuck there.

With only a short two-hour trek to our target (Base Camp) we had a mental battle of 'should we stay or should we go'. We decided to heed local advice and retreat.

We were consoled to learn that Gorak Shep was in fact Edmond Hilary's original base camp when he first summited Everest, and our premature trek back to Lukla was rewarded with stunning vistas. What was once dry, dusty, barren terrain (we were above the tree line) turned into a magical white wonderland which, as the photo will attest, was absolutely stunning.

So without further ado, I shall bid you adieu.

Until tomorrow,
Grace xx

* Sagarmatha is what the Nepalese people call Mt. Everest; it means 'Goddess of the sky'.

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