Wednesday, 31 March 2010

There are spies among us!

I recently learned that there are a number of people that have started to 'secretly' follow Project Grace 2010. It all came out during a conversation at the gym...

I was doing chest presses, which is not unlike the memory of pushing away a slobbering drunken man who lunges at you on the dance floor while you're boogie-ing around a pile of handbags, when I heard "Grace!"

I looked around thinking, who knows me here?

It was the gorgeous Jess, a staff member of the gym whom I befriended just days before tearing up my butt muscle. I hadn't seen her since the injury and felt a pang of shame come over me as my cheeks flushed (the ones on my face).

I approached her during my 60-second rest between sets, to say hello (as opposed to shouting it over the chorus of manly grunts). I imagined an inquisition over why I hadn't been around for a while and quickly thought of a succinct sentence to explain my absence. Just because my bum was off limits, it didn't stop my arms from working - but I couldn't help feel like I did the days I got out of P.E. (school sport) because of my period. I admit, I am guilty. I milked it for all it was worth.

ANYWAY... it didn't turn out like I had imagined.

Jess' face beamed like a child receiving a present; a great package enveloped in brightly coloured wrapping. She said something along the lines of, "I LOVE your blog, I've been following it every day and look forward to reading it over my cup of morning coffee" (morning Jess, how's the coffee?)

What? I thought, quicker than I could say it, before she continued...

"I've been emailing my friends to tell them about it and we all love it"

We? Who's We? There's a We? still thinking, while trying to formulate words.

"Are you serious?" I managed to blurt out.

Then Jess proceeded to explain that my words have been capturing what readers (you) are thinking and feeling, and thus providing a form of entertainment that I never knew possible.



So if you are one of those cheeky monkey spies who enjoys dropping into my life, please don't be shy say hello - I won't reveal your identity.

Apparently there's a way you can leave comments anonymously so you don't have to publicly declare yourself (if you still want to remain under cover). It would be so nice to hear from you and I'd love to know where you're from. Perhaps you could sign off in code something like first name + name of friend + city + country. OMG I'm so excited about starting a secret club with secret codes. This is like all my Get Smart fantasies coming true!

Until tomorrow, may you never miss it by 'that' much.

Grace xx

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  1. Hi Grace yes I am one of those cheeky monkeys that read your blog everyday. Jess put me onto it and I love it. My name is Kay and I am 49years old with the big 50 coming up at the end of June. I too am working hard to get my body into shape for the big party. Maybe one day we will cross paths at the gym.

  2. Hey Grace,

    I read every day but I ain't so secret haha!

    Love your blog,

    Much love,
    Keeley. xx

  3. OMG I am soooooooo excited - two cheeky monkey revealed!

    Hi Kay, nice to virtually meet you! I'm sure I must sound so funny to someone who has already climbed Mt Fabulous At Forty. All the best for your Hawaii '5-0' in June - Hip Hip Hooray!!! ;-)

    As for you little Miss. Keeley - I've known you were a cheeky monkey from the moment I met you in Goa!

    Thanks for saying hi - you've made my year... would you believe my month?... how about my day?


  4. checking in to say hello!!!
    xoxo mara

  5. Hey Mara - always lovely to see you here ;-x

  6. Yes, apparently there are these things called "blogrolls" and "RSS feeds" and... well, many a number of tools that stalkers can use to .... stalk.

    Guilty as charged (although I use the old-fashioned method of clicking on your blog site).

    I admire your tenacity, and look forward to your bits of wit and wisdom in the days to come!

    gPhone a.k.a. Christine

  7. Aha! - Christine! - another cheeky monkey, blogger extraordinaire AND "professional opera singer" - BTW what DO you write for occupation?

    The pressure is on!

    ;-) xx

  8. Can't say too much, it might give something away.

    Not sure I can even write that.

    Must go



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