Monday, 15 March 2010

A real pain in the arse

Thanks to Will, I couldn't get to the gym fast enough today. I woke up early - sans alarm - and started my day with gusto.

It was the perfect autumn morning; gorgeous blue sky, gentle breeze with a delightfully refreshing crispness in the air. Happily, I pedalled along the road thinking 'life is sweet'.

I was greeted with smiles so big that I wondered if the gym staff had organised a surprise party to celebrate the reunion between Will and I... then I realised that no one knows about this blog (yet).

I jumped on the treadmill to do my first 20-minute cardio workout before starting on weights (I also do 20-minutes after weights because, quite frankly, I rock... and it's part of my program).

It was 'leg day' today...

Just to explain, the design of my weight program is called 'super set' - and no, despite it being an apt term, it has nothing to do with my breasts.

Typically one does three sets per exercise before moving onto another. Super-setting, however, means you string together a number of exercises doing one set of each (be it on pin-loaded contraptions or free weights) before repeating the process till you've done three sets of each exercise - does that make sense?

The other feature of this program is that I'm to do low(ish) weights and high repetitions (16-20) to keep my heart rate reasonably high. It's more about endurance and toning than bulk and brute strength.

... after my first set of 20 leg presses (which I have been steadily climbing from 20kg to 50kg) I quickly moved onto the lunges and after my first one, I felt what could only be described as twang!

"Noooooo!!!" was my first thought... "no, not now, I've only just got Will back... sh*t, bummer, phuck," was the general conversation I was having with myself. I examined the pain and determined it was in my right glutes (the gym term for butt muscles) that shot down into my hamstring.

I limped over to the counter, right hand on right butt cheek, and asked what I should do. The general consensus was not to make matters worse by stressing it any further, go home, get a massage and see a sports therapist. Great.

I have no idea what I've done other than I can't walk up or down stairs bearing weight on my right leg. I have made an appointment to see a sports massage therapist this afternoon and I hope it's only a minor inconvenience, albeit a real pain in the arse.

Until tomorrow,
Grace xx

ps. Happy to consider all recovery tips and advice... I don't want to break Will's spirit - I fear our renewed relationship may be fragile.

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  1. I am sure pain in the butt will soon make way for Will to return, for you to resume your affair with GYM ;-)

  2. Thanks Pat - I'm so lucky to have a husband that encourages me to have a best friend called Will and has no qualms about me to having an affair with 'Gym' ;-)

  3. Hey Grace
    Love your new blog.
    Well that injury you have must be the one part of the body I HAVEN'T managed to hurt yet.
    Hope you make a quick recovery!

  4. So cool blog...your self-search makes me think you should check out the writings of Ken Gergen, especially The Saturated Self:

    He's a wonderful person,(both in person and on the page) and absolutely brilliant.

  5. Thanks Marianna... just checking out Ken now... I like the title "The Saturated Self" - sounds a bit like the time I had night sweats ;-)


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