Tuesday, 16 March 2010

What am I?...???

After breaking my butt yesterday (okay, it's not broken - it just feels that way) I went to see a sports masseur to see if the pain could be massaged away (as it turns out, it can't).

I was required to fill in a form for first-time patients. When I got to the question that asked for occupation (I immediately thought of my friend the 'professional opera singer' and had a chuckle to myself) I paused for a long while and wondered...

What am I?...???

I am rather tired of our society's necessity to label people - it's so constrictive.

Whether it be filling in forms or responding to the standard "so what do you do for a crust?" (it's one of the first questions you learn in a new language) I discovered that people are generally not interested in details, they just want a one word answer - a label, if you will.

Lately, I'd been using the label 'author' in the mild hope that it may spark an enthusiastic enquiry into what I'd authored (about a 10% strike rate in written forms - not that impressive - and about a 99% success rate in face to face conversation - better).

But truly, I'm MORE than that!

I'm also a digital creator, marketing director, production manager, event organiser, PR officer, performer, public speaker, graphic designer, copywriter, creative director, strategist, life artist, photographer and not to mention blogger extraordinaire! I am all these things and more.

As my pen hovered above the form, I thought about Project Grace 2010. If I am to create the me I want to be, then I'll start by 'labelling' myself accordingly. So with that, I penned the words: Self Expressionist.

Yes that's right, I am a Self Expressionist!

I occupy my time with all the things that make me ME.

So what is it that makes you YOU?

Are you over the labels that people place on you?

Do you want to create yourself to be what you want to be, rather than continue with what you're expected to be?

Would love to hear from you.

Until tomorrow, express yourself truthfully.

Grace xx

ps. In case you wanted to know more about today's picture (and even if you don't) - it's one of my book characters Nubsy McNoodle - she wanted to know what a Spoodle was, hence all the question marks.

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  1. Self Expressionist - Very appropriate.
    Even I chuckled at that one. ;-)

  2. You could start a FB page for those buddying self expressionists out there. BTW, when we folk with odd job descriptions ;-) land in foreign countries and those big humourless burly blokes with badges read your immigration card under occupation "opera singer", or "singer", or even "musican", they usually break into a smile and ask about it. You are right, that people are so comfortable categorizing themselves, but an clear cut profession just makes it easier for people to sum you up, right or wrong.

  3. Hey Grace - although delayed in my comments I am now back and typing and I would like to add to your list of qualities that make you who you are. You are my 'Saving Grace'. For everyone else out there when I need advice, support, a good laugh and many other things Grace is my first point of call. I truly believe that is an amazing quality to possess.
    Big Love Jo xx

  4. And you are my Mo-Jo!

    Luv ya! Gxx

  5. Or when you say "mother" and there is a dreary look of "ho-hum" come over the persons face- well - I am actually still quite interesting even if i do just hang around with small people that don’t have a good grasp of the English (let alone any other for that matter!) language - it's so unfair! I used to be so interesting.....
    Sorry – that’s just my rant for the day – my only goal for turning 40 is to remain sane – perhaps given the above I am loosing that battle? Oh well – what the hell – at least I will be bonkers in a lovely pair of completely impractical but very pretty shoes!
    Given your creativity – can you please give me a new title for “mum” – I am fond of “life coach”...... or possibly “inventor” or “creator” – but I feel that may be getting above myself a little.....

  6. MUM stands for My Ultimate Mentor - didn't you know that? Oh no, perhaps not... I just made it up ;-)



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