Monday, 29 March 2010

Make room for surprises

Remember how I told you I won $15,000 in a body transformation challenge in 2002?

Well this weekend, I started sorting out photos (which is taking me SOOOOOOOOO much longer than anticipated) and look what I found ->

So let me tell you about that night...

It was after 5pm on a Friday night when I answered a knock at the door. I opened it and was temporarily blinded by a camera light (I thought I was in a Nappy San ad). I was asked if I was Grace Mimmo, to which I answered yes, and then came the news... I was runner up and had won $15,000 cash.


$15,000 cash!

I received a silver briefcase full of money. The multicoloured notes made me want to party - but I was trapped (oh woe is me). No, truly. The banks were closed and I wasn't going to leave it home unattended... and seeing as though I didn't have any handcuffs laying about (my sex life wasn't so kinky back then - not to say it is now - oh never mind!)

ANYWAY, I thought going to out with sliver briefcase was 1. a bit suspicious and 2. a lot awkward. So instead, I declared a party at my house.

I called everyone I could think of to help be celebrate, but everybody had plans. Plans? Surely they could be renegotiated, I just won $15,000!

So we called our friends from Adelaide and told them we booked the last flight to Melbourne. They had one hour to travel 55km (34 miles) to get to the airport, which they did.

So the moral of the story is, leave room in your diaries for unexpected surprises - who knows when you'll be asked to celebrate one of life's magical moments.

Until tomorrow, be spontaneous!

Grace xx

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  1. What an amazing story - I think it's fascinating to get these glimpses into each others lives. So glad you started the blog!! :)

  2. Hey Esther, so excited to see you stop by!

    As a fellow traveller, I'm sure you'll agree that if you listen to someone long enough, no matter where they are in the world, everyone has an amazing story to share. That's why I love human beings so much - they are my favourite species.

    Grace xx

    ps, It's the fascinating glimpses of each other's lives that have me tune in and love your YouTube vlogs ;-)


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