Friday, 5 March 2010

Top 5 parting thoughts for this weekend

One thing I've started to do since embarking on Project Grace 2010 is establishing boundaries - some may say creating rules.

These rules are purely for self preservation. No point losing this Grace while I'm in the process of looking for the things I loved about the old Grace (who is technically the young Grace - so how about I rename her, me, the former Grace? A concept inspired by The Artist Formerly Known As Prince).

One such rule is 'no blogging on weekends', which raises a problem. Our Saturday and Sunday is Friday and Saturday in the US, and I really like to have the days on my blog reading Monday to Friday. Am I being anal?

Butts aside, I'm going to give you something before bed (oi, mind out of the gutter you lot!) and give myself a mini project - and that is to find out how to change the time settings on this blog site so I can faithfully follow my rules. All tips welcome.

I'm going to leave you with what I've learned this week:

Top 5 parting thoughts for this weekend
  1. Don't be afraid to start a project on yourself. Remember the safety rule on airplanes - you must fit the oxygen mask on yourself before you attend to others (you're no good dead or dying).

  2. Give yourself the opportunity to be courageous in the face of your fears by saying "Phuck it, I'll do it anyway!" Start doing this at least once a week and aim to do it daily.

  3. Reconnect with yourself by revisiting the things you once loved. You may have a different appreciation or viewpoint, however you just might experience a magic moment when you connect, and realise why you loved it/them in the first place.

  4. Laughter is like a direct line to your soul and keeps you in the present moment. When you're laughing you're not thinking about the shopping list, what's for dinner, the bill that's due next week, the parcel you need to pick up from the post office and whether you can go another day on the same pair of undies 'cos your washing's a bit behind. Learning to laugh at yourself is freeing and empowering. Do it often.

  5. Never think you are alone, nor underestimate how much you influence the people around you. By publicly documenting my journey as I jumped off the edge (much like the bungee jumper in the photo), I have discovered a number of people feeling the same way and asking the same questions. By sharing our stories today, we provide others with insight into their own lives and without even realising it - we inspire someone's tomorrow.
Big love to all and happy weekend.

Grace xxoo

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