Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Does my wrist look big in this?

The oddest thing happened to me at the gym today...

Oh yes, I forgot to mention that my bum has healed (alleluia) and I'm back doing the things I love (or at least tell myself I love on days when it's grey, miserable and would rather be curled up on the couch hoping back to back episodes of Dr.Phil and Oprah will be the ultimate pick-me-up).

ANYWAY... I was warming up on the treadmill when my watch began to irritate me. It was jumping up and down like a 2 year old on red cordial; 'twas the result of being loose.


Has my watch got bigger? Or is it that my wrist has become smaller?

Upon closer inspection, I noticed that there's not much meat on my wrist in the first instance. This got me thinking (yet again), why would my body opt to burn the fat off my wrist when there's an abundance of it on my belly, hips and butt? (not to mention my second chin, which I'd be delighted if it were to do a 'David Copperfield disappearing act' as one is quite enough).

Then I wondered, are wrists considered sexy? Would having slender wrists make someone the happiest person in the world? Could I become so obsessed with my shrinking wrists that when contemplating a new jewellery item (say, the silver bangle pictured), would I require the honest appraisal from my girlfriends by asking "Does my wrist look big in this?"

I left the gym laughing, thinking it was so funny that my wrists are loosing millimetres while the other parts of my body watch with envy. Hopefully, while I'm asleep tonight, my wrist will have a conversation with all the other body parts and let them in on a little secret - which I hope takes place when my boobs are nowhere within earshot!

Until tomorrow, remember to laugh at the quirkiness of such things.

Grace xx

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1 comment:

  1. Thanks for all your Facebook comments guys - I've taken liberty to cut and paste so (other) people can see that I at least have some readers! Don't panic, I've removed your surname to protect your identities - ça va?

    Today at 18:39
    Leeanne: Well done Grace - you are on your way. Inner thighs will be next.

    Today at 19:55
    Jaala: Well done- wrist and ankles first, then everything else follows! xx

    10 hours ago
    Grace Mimmo Fitzpatrick: Shhhhh... don't say that too loud - my boobs might hear!

    8 hours ago
    Abigail: Mine already did. Unfortunately the connection dropped out before the signal got relayed to my arse!

    6 hours ago
    Keeley: check for signs of your wedding ring slipping....nice when it does, but won't be nice if you lose it. xx ;))

    8 seconds ago
    Grace Mimmo Fitzpatrick: I have a permanent groove where my wedding band sits - and can't get it off without 1kg of lubricant! I think I have a long way to go before that slips off - not to mention I was 20kg lighter on my wedding day.


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