Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Cool Bananas

Tonight is my last here in Penang.

It's the final evening of my two-month adventure that has seen me do some many and varied things like;
  • Getting lost in Paris, and finding a très chic coat on the side of the road, then a few days later celebrating the first day of summer with la fête de la musique.

  • Mountain biking and being cheesey in Switzerland.

  • A side trip to Germany to hand deliver an Eiffel tower key ring prize, then take in two operas and a concert (not to mention purchasing some fabulous shoes).

  • A reconnaissance of our Adventure Travel Tour de France tour, squeezing 10-days into six - and four adults packed like sardines in the back of a van for a night.

  • The actual tour where I was interviewed and broadcast on national Belgian TV.

  • A relaxing few days in Singapore where I got to compare the difference between black and white pepper crab (black pepper won by one and a half claws).

  • Getting in a pickle when I booked flights to India without securing a visa first (and learning that the laws changed a few months ago).

  • Seeking refuge in Penang until I could get a flight home and discovering life's a beach when you get to hang out with friends that you've known since being a pimply faced teenager.

  • Discovering a new dental profession and finding out that my repair work is likely to cost a gazillion dollars.
All in all, it has been amazing. Despite the twists and turns, dramas and frustrations, stress and exhaustion, it has been a great journey. I've learned to ride the bumps on the road, smile and say "cool bananas" when I want to chillax.

Until tomorrow, find time to reflect on what you've done recently - it may be more than what you think.

Grace xx

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  1. MtbSkillsCoachPat11 August 2010 at 13:20

    Nice summation of your 2months. Looking forward to seeing you in Melb.

    Bon Journey


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