Thursday, 19 August 2010

The upside down smile (© me 2003)

Yesterday we started our reconnaissance trip along the Great Ocean Road.

It rained all day, making the journey seem so much longer.

We spent the night at a friend's house and awoke to their spectacular view of the ocean. As I stepped outside to breathe in the fresh sea air, I was greeted by a rainbow (pictured above).

I just LOVE rainbows, don't you?

I've always thought them to be magic. They make the rain seem worthwhile, filling me with happiness and a sense of hope.

Seven and a half years ago, I had a wonderful 'aha' moment involving a rainbow. It was our wedding day and the heavens decided to open up the night before. The conditions had frightened off several other bridal parties who had also planned to marry at Launceston's Cataract Gorge. As a result, we ended up having the entire place to ourselves.

By the time I arrived by chair lift to our wedding tree, the rain petered out to a light sprinkle. It was the perfect opportunity for a rainbow to appear and soon after saying 'I do', one did. As we walked towards it, I declared my love for the colourful arch and asked my guests, "Do you know what a rainbow is?" Before they could respond I answered, "It's the upside down smile of all the people in heaven."

With that, I smiled back and said "thank you".

Until tomorrow, remember to smile back at your next sighting of the upside down smile.

Grace xx

PS. I had planned to write a children's book by this title (hence the © me 2003)... so you can say you heard it here first.

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