Thursday, 8 July 2010

Packed like Sardines

We have been flat out doing our rekky (reconnaissance) for the upcoming tour and last night culminated in a Joseph and Mary moment on Christmas eve.

We had a day of woes, too many to tell, and by the time we pulled into the town of Millau past midnight, all the hotels were 'closed'.

Despite driving around for over an hour we decided our best (and only) option was to put all our stuff in the front seat, which included three bikes.

Why three bikes? I hear you ask. Because we are travelling with Pat's mum and dad. It's a National Lampoons vacation on steroids!

So we ripped the back seats out of our Ford Galaxy hire van and the four of us squeezed in for the night. Packed as tight as a tin of sardines. Luckily none of us ate onions, cabbage or beans or we could have been in for one gut wrenching night. Phew.

So here I am at Millau McDonalds for their free wi-fi and clean bathrooms. The things we do, the things we do.

Until tomorrow, be grateful for all the space that surrounds you.

Grace xx

ps. This photo was taken from David Wray's blog because I love it.

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