Saturday, 14 August 2010

Saturday Quiz No.6

Today's quiz is a relatively easy one. It was inspired by this week's events in an attempt to encourage some of the quiet Project Grace 2010 followers to come out of their shells.

If you've already correctly guessed a Saturday Quiz, then I am asking you to give the shy ones in our community a chance. Perhaps you can circulate among your friends with young children who might like to have a go - that would be cute.

Whatever you decide, you are welcome to visit again in a few days and if it hasn't gone off - then you may guess till your heart's content.


A big congratulations goes out to Grahamophone aka Christine for last week's Saturday Quiz No.5, who wrote:

'PENANG!!! (The hanging pen minus the H ... pen(h)ang) Woo-hoo!!!'

Your woohoo is justified, you are 100% correct!

Your prize is a Virtual Portable Problem Solver. Wherever you are, whatever problem you are faced with, your VPPS has all the answers (and is much more reliable than a GPS). Enjoy your problem-free future with this fabulous prize.

Until Monday, have a splendiferous Sunday.

Grace xx

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