Friday, 27 August 2010

Saturday Quiz No.7

I am so excited about today's quiz. It came to me last night before I went to bed and I just couldn't wait to get up this morning and create it.

So here it is... Saturday Quiz No.7

Please insert your answers in the comments section below and the winner will be announced next week. Everyone welcome to guess - go on, have a go!

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Our last quiz, Saturday Quiz No.6, ran for two weeks and concluded with three concurring answers. Yes, all three of you correctly guessed "Home Sweet Home" and the winners were:
  1. The clever (and glamorous) CS Joyce
  2. Scrapbook extraordinaire Diana Kennedy
  3. The mysterious 'kirajmartin' whom I'd love to know more about
All three of you have won a virtual escape to a mountain top spa retreat that you can visit whenever you close your eyes. It smells of cedar and alpine flowers and each room has a view of snow-capped mountains with a glacial lake in the foreground. Just stunning. You can curl up with a book or get horizontal on the imaginary comfort top king sized bed - deluxe!

Until Monday, have a soulful Sunday.

Grace xx

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  1. I knew last weeks. Wishing I had have entered now - that virtual escape sounds fantastic. I need a clue for this weeks.

  2. would it have anything to do with eliza doolittle?

  3. Yes, Eliza Doolittle...

  4. Good clue Liza & Garrie... hopefully the lovely leelee can figure it out and win this week's ultra-luxurious virtual prize

  5. Hi, I think I got it! Straight from my mountain top virtual retreat (no better time than the present to take a retreat)...Is it: THE RAIN IN SPAIN FALLS MAINLY ON THE PLANE?

    To clear up the mystery... I started following your blog through the POI support group. At the time, I was 39 with the same diagnosis (I am now 40, POI still present)!

    Happy Weekend!

  6. The rain in Spain falls mainly on the plane. You kinda threw me on the Iberia brand but then the yellow Spain outline in the background pulled it all together.

    I feel a bonding since right now, it's raining here too

  7. By George I think I got it!! One of my favourite songs to sing. :) The rain in Spain falls mainly on the plain (plane). Thanks for the riddle Grace! :)


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