Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Cat out of the bag

Tonight I watched Catwoman for the first time.

Sure it's been 6 years since it was released, so you'd be forgiven for thinking that I'm a bit behind the eight ball in the movie watching department.

Truth be told, I may have never seen it had it not been in a stack of DVD's loaned to us from a gorgeous friend whose birthday it happens to be tomorrow (you know who you are, happy birthday me-2).

True to the superhero genre there's a moral to the story, which you may have known but forgotten because it was so long ago since you saw, heard or read about the film. So I'll bring it upon myself to remind you.

Catwoman is revived from death by the breath of an Egyptian temple cat (I don't think it's a true story) and is given a second chance at life (my bet is that she has seven more chances if she blows it), along with a few superpowers like moving at lightening speed and climbing up walls (I'll try and stop interrupting now). She frees herself from a metaphorical cage that bound her in her former life so she's free in her new life.

In some way, Catwoman reflects us all. We have desires to free ourselves from what binds us and death prompts us to take action (usually fear of death, near-death or death of someone near us - not actual death then revival by cat's breath - the latter is somewhat unusual).

In 2004, after two close family deaths, Patrick and I resigned from our jobs and embarked on a 355-day trip around the world. No cat's breath, but death did change the course our lives.

Back to Catwoman.

The movie highlighted something we can all relate to. We have many facets, which fall into two distinct sides - the good and bad (some say there are three, the ugly - but that's ANOTHER story, ahem, movie). According to Catwoman, the key is to accept all of who we are for only then can we be free - and with freedom, comes power.

This reminded me of a post I did some time ago called The Gemini Within - do you remember? (feel free to read again and refresh your memory). Since writing that piece, I have been more accepting of myself and as a result have been feeling more free. I guess now I just have to observe when the 'power' kicks in.

Until tomorrow, remember there are life lessons all around us - even in
6 year old films. Now set yourself free and find your power! Meow. Purrrrrrrrr.

Grace xx

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1 comment:

  1. Wow, once again we're on the same page at the same time! (Not so much that I've watched Catwoman...and not sure that I want to!!)

    But anyway your comment about accepting ALL of who we are so that we can be free - that started bells ringing in my head, because it's exactly the theme I was writing in my journal this morning...you remember journals, they're old school blogs!!!

    I think for the last few weeks, I'd been thinking I needed to release the 'old' me to make way for the 'new' me...but all it dawned on me this morning that old and new is all a part of ME! So now i've decided that i'm just a new version...iJess v28.9 is ready to rock and roll!!!

    And perhaps you haven't noticed...you already are powerful!

    You find the lesson in every day of your life - and learn from it, you project that out to hundreds who read your blog and help them transform their life too (or just give them something else to think about).

    You are powerful because you can change your own life, and in turn change the world...even if it's just by a fraction.

    What other type of power do you need?!

    As I've said to you before, I'm so glad that you've rediscovered Grace - and it's been a privilege to share the unfurling this far...I wonder what other gems you'll uncover in the lead up to the big 4-0, very exciting!

    Jess xx


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