Saturday, 3 July 2010

Confessions of a shoe addict

I have a deep dark secret that I've been trying to hide for way too long - especially from my husband (though I think he's figured it out by now).

It's an illness.

I have an addiction and a somewhat bizarre affection for decorative inanimate objects that are designed to house one's feet.

Here is my confession... I am completely and utterly in love with shoes - the quirkier the better.

Is that wrong?

It is unhealthy?

How many shoes can one own?

Is this affliction only confined to females or do men suffer it too?

I am well aware that I only have two feet, thus find my obsession quite perplexing. Perhaps in a former life I was a barefooted millipede and my mission in this life is to find a unique abode for each of my thousand tootsies. Could that be it?

Yesterday I stumbled upon the most beautiful pair of retro-style aqua heeled sandals (pictured above right). It was lust at first sight, however I reluctantly decided to leave them behind because the heels were covered in woven raffia (paper) rendering them too fragile pour moi. And they were a tad pricey.

The following 24 hours were torturous. I've been tossing and turning, completely obsessing about them. I imagined what I would wear them with, how fabulous they would look and how gorgeous I would feel. Agony.

Today I could stand it no more. I HAD to go back and see them again. Though there was an equally gorgeous yet far more practical sister model in fuscia (the heels were covered in fabric instead of paper), my heart was yearning for the more fragile turquoise sibling.

This was a classic tug of war between my head and heart. Torn between two lovers, feeling like a fool.

Thanks to a bit of coaching from Margaret, my heart won the day. I am now the proud owner of the most gorgeous, comfortable and somewhat impractical retro heeled sandals. I feel like Samantha from Bewitched when they're on my feet. They are without a doubt, magic.

However it ponders a question. Is it wise to enter a love affair, knowing that it's destined to end prematurely and that I'm likely to be broken hearted at the inevitable end? No, it's not wise. But sometimes lust and pleasure is no match for wisdom.

Until tomorrow, be sure to allow your heart to indulge in pleasures despite being void of wisdom.

Grace xx

PS. Saturday Quiz No.4 is still up for grabs. The clue is a Scottish lock (AKA loch), which forms the first syllable of the four syllable word.

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