Thursday, 5 August 2010

Life's a Beach

The difference between life being a b*tch or a beach is often determined by one's flexibility, attitude... and two letters.

Take my recent India debacle. What started out as an act of spontaneity, born out of the spirit of generosity, quickly turned into poop pie.

My first thought was that I was on the wrong path and that the universe was conspiring against me. Truth is, I was impatient. Instead of waiting till I had firmly secured the visa in my hands, I took a risk - albeit a calculated one.

When it blew up in my face (the plan, not the visa), I got into such a spin that I really believed life had just turned into a b*tch.

Two days later, I find myself in sultry Penang spending quality time with a couple I have known and loved since I was fifteen years young. They are the parents of Project Grace 2010's No.1 commenter and winner of the Eiffel Tower key ring - Mr. Garrie aka Top Gun Tenor.

While I may not be in India doing the groundwork for the humanitarian project I aim to launch in 2011 (still can't say more than that), I am recharging my batteries and feeding my soul (not to mention my taste buds - the food here is AMAZING) on an island that is famous for its beaches.

So in the end, being flexible of mind and positive in attitude helped turn my annoyingly frustrating and somewhat stressful situation around. Oh, and the two letters that determine the difference between life being a b*tch or beach, are what you repeat to yourself over and over, and OVER again... O, K.

Until tomorrow, remember that all is OK even when you think it's not.

Grace xx

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  1. Hey Grace

    Glad to see you made lemonade..


  2. MtbSkillsCoachPat5 August 2010 at 03:45

    Lemonade. Must be a personal joke eh?

    Great story Liza on the Philippines airlines from yesterday. Me likes happy stories.


  3. You know the story... when you've got lemons??? Make lemonade!

  4. great turn around Grace! Have fun!!! xx

  5. Having a wonderful time Gaz... your parents are just great!


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