Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Rising water

One of my many quirky behaviours is looking at Melbourne's water storage supplies after each downpour.

Patrick thinks it's hilarious and can't quite understand my obsession.

Well, it all started just over a year ago. I recall watching a news report in June last year announcing Melbourne's water storage levels were in crisis. The levels had plummeted to an all time low of 25.9% and I distinctly remember feeling a sense of panic.

"Oh my goodness, what would we do if we ran out of water?"

Imagining the real life implications of such a catastrophe must have set off some primitive warning system and from that moment on, I have been somewhat obsessed with seeing the water storage levels rise.

Interestingly, my fascination in this subject has led to a healthy appreciation for rain. In the past, rain had the capacity to reduce me to a miserable psychopath.

This might have something to do with an incident that happened when I was six or seven years old. A family friend forgot to pick me up from an abnormally short school day and I was left standing in the rain for hours. By the time the teachers were finished their afternoon meeting and noticed me sobbing at the front gates, I was wet through to my undies. I've detested the rain ever since. Not surprising really.

I have long tried to appreciate the rain by telling myself stories like, "It makes the grass grow and the flowers happy" or "I love the sound it makes on the tin roof" (might have helped if I had a tin roof) - I even told myself that a rainbow (aka upside down smile) couldn't come out without the rain. But truly, nothing helped... until now.

Okay truth be told, I still don't like the rain, but I am excited by it. A paradox perhaps, but I am finding that the more it rains, the more excited I become. Now before you send the dudes in white coats to come and collect me, please let me explain.

What I begin to feel after prolonged and or heavy raining periods is a sense of anticipation. I simply cannot wait to go online and see the water storage numbers rise (it's a bit like watching the dollars rise for a charity fundraiser). Too much excitement.

Well today, I had the biggest thrill I have had in a long time. We have got over 40% water storage - the most since October 2007. Just thrilling. Okay, perhaps you'd better call those dudes in white coats.

Until tomorrow, do whatever you have to do to turn something you detest into something exciting.

Grace xx

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