Thursday, 26 August 2010

The first sign of insanity

Have you ever heard people saying that talking to yourself is the first sign of insanity? Then a wise guy might add "It isn't the talking to yourself you have to worry about, it is the answering yourself back."

Well tonight I learned that talking to yourself is not as poco loco as 'they' would have you think.

We attended a rather fascinating sports psychology seminar this evening and discovered the importance of self talking. It can either be good for you (positive self talking) or bad (negative self talking).

I had a huge lightbulb moment when I realised how often I berate myself for not being perfect (remember how I grew up thinking that 99% equals fail?)

I habitually make negative (bordering abusive) comments towards myself when I fall short of the mark. Apparently this kind of carry on is not useful for achieving goals (or happiness). Nor is not uncommon for overachievers.

So with this new insight into my psyche, along with skills to counteract the ill effects of such self-abusive comments, I am ready willing and able to take action. It's time to switch the inner dialogue from auto pilot to manual, and take over the helm. With Captain Grace Champion at the wheel, I'll be turning that damaging negative chatter to a positive reinforcing weapon of mass construction. You just watch this space.

I am quite excited by the thought of what potential this new way of being could unleash... but then again my current state of excitement could also be attributed to the sound of the rain falling (see yesterday's post if the latter comment makes absolutely no sense to you).

Until tomorrow, be rest assured that talking to yourself is not a sign of insanity so long as you keep it positive - and agreeable.

Grace xx

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