Friday, 20 August 2010

Brake Down

So here we are in a Lambourghini tractor workshop located in rural Victoria (I didn't even know Lambourghini made tractors), with our car jacked up.

We (as in Patrick and the tractor mechanic) are trying to find out what is causing an unhealthy grating noise when we apply our newly installed brakes.

I am sitting on my suitcase listening to the rain fall as I type on my laptop. Literally on my lap top.

In short, "Houston we have a problem."

Since embarking on this road trip two days ago, we seem to be encountering quite a few such problems. It's almost like the universe is deliberately halting our attempts to reach Adelaide this weekend.

Our first stall occurred in Apollo Bay when Patrick ran into bike trouble. He was putting together our friend's new Malvern Star MTB when he was challenged by the new 2011 model gear shifters. Long story short, a 10 minute job turned into a half-day affair.

We hit the road about five hours behind schedule only to be hindered a few hours down the road. We saw the aftermath of a head-on collision between an Italian stallion and a 4WD (SUV) full of Spaniards. Luckily there were no deaths or (obvious) serious injuries, however there was serious memory lapse in one of the victims who asked for his watch every two minutes. We did what all good samaritans do. Stopped, called emergency aid, warned oncoming traffic with flashing hazard lights and kept everybody calm until help arrived.

After standing in the wind and rain for over two hours, we did a handover to a policeman who took over the show and we were free to go.

We were both shaken up and decided to call it a night at Hotel Warrnambool - a very cool pub with sleeping quarters that have been funk-fully decorated. Our room was above the live band and despite being tired, we could not sleep with our bed vibrating to the jazz music. So we logged onto our computers to discover that our gorgeous friend Jo had a baby boy 10-weeks before he was due (we were actually going to Adelaide to surprise her for the baby shower on Sunday - but looks like she trumped us in the surprise stakes).

The band stopped after midnight and we finally went to sleep in what must have been the most comfortable bed in the world. Reluctantly, I arose this morning to start a new day, which has ultimately led to me tapping away to A Flock of Seagulls singing "I ran, I ran so far away" followed by John Farnham's "Give me a reason" - what do you think the universe is trying to tell us?

Until tomorrow, learn to slow down, pause and see the lighthearted moments in the moment - despite having reasons to run away.

Grace xx

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  1. Bit of trivia. Lamborghini actually began as a tractor company, and the company's founder, a ferrari owner, frustrated with the unreliability of the cars (hmm),sought to build a better sports car.

    Sorry you had to deal with an accident. :-(

    It's all about the journey. ;-)

  2. MtbSkillsCoachPat21 August 2010 at 05:05

    Thanks for the trivia Garrie, I like it.
    After returning from Europe I have remained light hearted regarding diversions to plans, you just have to see the opportunities as unplanned adventures.

  3. definitely! My whole life feels a little like one big unplanned adventure... ;-)


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