Monday, 5 April 2010

Happy Little Camper

Something happened today.

I woke up feeling lighter than ever. In fact, I may have literally jumped out of bed.

I felt as though I had ants in my pants and all I wanted to do was, wait for it, washing!

Before my routine morning visit to the throne, I immediately started sorting out darks, lights, reds, towels and Lycra (being married to a cyclist means that anything shiny and stretchy is in a wash class of its own).

Perhaps airing the emotional laundry of yesteryear has motivated me to get stuck in today's pile of dirty linen, sooner than rubbing sleep out of my eyes.

When thinking of a photo that would represent how I'm feeling right now, a happy little camper, I couldn't go past these little beauties.

As you may have guessed from yesterday's mega-post, I have a penchant for shoes. These little Camper's (pictured) were a gift I purchased for myself in Sydney in 2002 (they're close to being vintage). They were my personal reward for winning the $15,000.

I would have NEVER spent over $230 on a pair of casual flip flop sandals (normally I'd wait for them to go on sale and if I missed out, console myself with "they weren't meant to be"). However the deal I made with myself after winning the money was to buy one thing that I 'wouldn't ordinarily buy', as the bulk of the money was going to something sensible - our house deposit.

These old-timer's are a perfect representation of how I'm feeling today. Playful, quirky, girlie and free. Oh, and just for the record, he loves me.

Until tomorrow, may tending yesterday's laundry give you a clean start today.

Grace xx

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