Wednesday, 14 April 2010

A picture tells a thousand words

Sometimes you come across something so funny, you simply can't keep it to yourself.

I laughed so hard when I saw this video (below) that I just had to show you.

I'm currently busy working on a 'beginner' website, which will be assessed next week as part of my web design course, so excuse me for today's brief post. Hopefully the hilarity will more than make up for it.

As you know, I tend to follow up light blogs with juicy ones to keep the overall balance - so stay tuned and watch this space!

Until tomorrow, may you continue to see the funny side of things - especially when they look like a sausage and two meatballs.

Grace xx

PS. I discovered how to create a search button AND a form where you can subscribe by email - woohoo! So, if you're looking for something I posted a while ago or would like to receive my blog posts in your inbox, go right ahead and use the new features (top left). Feeling very clever right now.

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