Thursday, 15 April 2010

Puppet on a string

Sometimes I feel like I am at the complete mercy of the weather...

The last few mornings I woke up feeling gloomy. I dragged myself out of bed, glanced out the window and noticed the weather accurately reflecting how I felt - grey and glum.

No matter what I did, I just could not shake the blues away. It's days like these that I want to run away to a tropical island. Failing that, I opt to hide (whenever and wherever possible).

This morning, I woke up feeling inspired. I sprung out of bed and skipped to the loo my darling - okay, probably didn't skip, but I was light footed nonetheless (BTW loo is Aussie for toilet). As I was on my way, I noticed golden beams of sunlight piercing through the gaps of our bamboo blinds. I stopped in my tracks.

Interesting. Very Interesting.

I felt bright, bubbly and sunny - and so did the weather. This had me wondering... am I so in tune with Mother Earth that I can sense her moods before I even start my day? Is she so influential on the way I feel that I'm nothing more than but a puppet on a string?

Then I had a Jim Carrey 'The Truman Show' moment. Perhaps the weather doesn't control me... maybe I control the weather? Could the weather be a complete reflection of me and my moods? Is that at all possible? Is that something our 'Indigo' grandchildren will chuckle sweetly at us one day and say, "You, and generations before you, would complain about the weather. Little did you know that you caused it".

I guess that's something that only time will tell - perhaps, I'll write about it in Project Grace 2050...?

Until tomorrow, may you always feel the sunlight even when it's nowhere to be seen.

Grace xx

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