Saturday, 17 April 2010

Dawn's Gift

The first word I said, or at least thought, this morning was WOW!

I was experiencing one of those rare phenomena when the colour of dawn drenches the entire interior of one's abode.

It was like the sun took a little excursion and was shining from the inside of my walls. The entire space was filled with an intense hue of vibrant rosy orange.

Simply amazing.

I dashed to the window to witness a spectacle that had me in complete awe. I was mesmerised and filled with inspiration. So much so, that I was compelled to grab my camera and share the vision with you (see pic above).

I live a bohemian existence, calling a first floor of disused offices my home. It is a colourful space with furnishings and trinkets from my late grandparents that give me great comfort. Though the word 'kitsch' may be an accurate description, I find it both amusing and warming.

The view from my window is less than beautiful, with concrete being a major feature. However this morning's sunrise made me realise that while the surrounding buildings didn't change, the light altered their appearance. For the first time, what I saw out my window exceeded beauty - it was divine.

This reminded me of something I already know, but often forget.

Concrete blocks and power lines are, let's be honest, less than desirable to gaze at on any given day. These seemingly drab and static objects are transformed into something of pure poetry when they're painted aglow with dawn's magical light.

Dawn's announcement of a new day is our opportunity to start afresh. The sense of optimism and promise is uplifting. Perhaps when we sleep through dawn's awakening (or are too busy in the shower or getting ready to notice), we do ourselves an injustice. If we are not present to receive dawn's greeting, we miss out on the gift - starting the day with a clean slate.

How many times have you made a special effort to see dawn when you're on holidays and marvel at the beauty of where you are? What about if I told you that dawn has the power to make everything beautiful wherever you are. We can all create profound holiday-like moments of positivity, enthusiasm and utter beauty every day... all we have to do is get up when dawn stirs and look out our window.

Until tomorrow, may you rise to receive dawn's gift.

Grace xx

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  1. Thank you, just what I needed to hear today. Raja.

  2. You're welcome Raja... and thank you :-)


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