Saturday, 3 April 2010

Life's Gift

Do you ever have moments when you feel like you're the luckiest person in the world?

You're appreciation for life paints a smile that's angelical. You sing praises all round in a voice evangelical. You cannot hide, the feelings inside and keep searching for words that end in an 'elical'.

That's how I'm feeling today.

After a wonderful evening last night with two girlfriends that I've known and loved since high school (hi Jaala and Sam!), followed by a fabulous day having lunch with my family... I am feeling like the luckiest girl in the world.

Sometimes we need to stop worrying about things we have to do in the future, or lamenting over things we have done (or haven't done) in the past... and just be present in the now.

Having a great time with friends and family helps keep us in the present moment. For we all know that the present is indeed, life's gift.

Until tomorrow, may your life be full of 'elical' moments.

Grace xx

ps. The photo was taken 18 years ago when I lived in London.

pps. When I'm happy I break into song, rhyme or limericks... and yes, I did just make that up based on the photo (I read your mind).

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  1. Good onya Grace! Happy Easter xx

  2. ppps. I was racing the clock to post this blog on time... and while I couldn't think of another 'elical' word, I did come up with this a few moments ago (a few hours after I'd hit "Publish Post"):

    You're appreciation for life paints a smile that's angelical
    You sing praises all round in a voice evangelical
    You cannot hide
    The feelings inside
    For it's days like these that make life just so magical


  3. an elical couple of days for me too- does hysterical, mystical, specialistical count too!
    Honesty, love acceptance and history (historical??) certainly is the stuff of some very strong friendships. Whether it's through choice or blood ties, the bonds we can develop and maintain with the long stayers in our lives is one of the most special. Yet another reminder of the quality we should treasure in our present- not the quantity. Here here for all those in our life journies for the long haul. Love you Grace, jaala xx

  4. Well said Jaala - and happy cups of baby wine to all who enjoy such long, beautiful and nourishing friendships xx

  5. OMG- am I addicted?? Where's yesterdays blog Grace? TALK TO US!!!!!!

  6. Hello Anonymously Addicted, nice to ALMOST virtually meet you!

    I did, I DID post a blog yesterday!

    It's titled 'Being A Good Egg' (see link to the left). I admit it was short and shallow... but I was hoping the ridiculous photo would've made up for the lack of substance - obviously not ;-(

    Okay, I'll give you something more juicy today... just what exactly, I do not know.

    -Grace xx


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