Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Wednesday Weigh-In

If life begins at 40, then I guess you can say that this is my first ultrasound!

I'm starting something new...

I am venturing into the land of YouTube, and posting a video every Wednesday to track my progress.

The video says it all, so I'll stop typing now.

Until tomorrow... the video says it all (is there an echo in here... here... ere... ere...ere... )

Grace xx

Please note: No radio stars were killed during the making of this video ;-)

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  1. Beautiful Bella!!
    Celebrating the 1%s with you.
    Being accountable to an external force always seems to work for me.
    Keep up the great work (as in inspiring us all- not necessarily the weight loss that comes with it!!)

  2. Good luck Grace! We all support you!!

  3. you rock! so disarmingly honest and to the point! nice addition to the blog grace.

    i'm really trying to celebrate the 1%ers too! it's a big challenge for a perfection junkie, but if i don't do it, life is just a long string of disappointment and self-chat of a not-very-pleasant-nature! so i too have lost a portion of a kg and am trying to be happy about that instead of kicking myself for the eclair the other day that snuck it's way in!

    lovin' your work xx

  4. You need to be a TV presenter dear Grace - what a natural!

    Well done on the kg's lost - I think you're building some muscle in there too, so it's wise you're looking at your body shape changing as an indication of your hard work paying off.

  5. Thank you gorgeous Jodi, Sofie and Garrie... really appreciate your support. This week has been soooooooo much better since I started focusing on the 1%ers... and I feel happier in myself. It's been a big turnaround.

    So happy to have you on my team.

    Love and hugs.
    Grace xxooxx


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