Sunday, 18 April 2010

The Polyfilla

I've just learnt that Polyfilla is not an Australian-only product... it just SOUNDS so Australian that I couldn't imagine it being anywhere else in the world. Poly-filla. Love it. Happy to be wrong.

Polyfilla is a jovial term I often use to articulate when I'm filling in gaps. It can be filling in the silence of an awkward conversation, or time in between appointments and so on.

Well today I was going to fill in the gap between Australian time and US time. You see... at the moment when I post a blog on say the 19th (my time), the published date states the 18th (US time). Originally I liked the idea, it felt like I had a 'day up my sleeve'... but now it's beginning to annoy me.

So today, I'm going to do two posts about an hour or so apart. One will be before midnight US time and one just after midnight and voila, the second one will have a published date the same day I post it - magic!

I know, I know I can fiddle around with settings each time I post but honestly, this is the best and quickest way.

So this, my friend, is the Polyfilla. It's to fill in the gap.

Until about an hour's time... may you fill whatever gaps you have in your life.

Grace xx

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  1. I've also got a gap that needs filling - can I borrow your Polyfilla?

  2. Only if you tell me who you are! Can't lend out Polyfilla if I don't know who to lend it out to ;-)


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