Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Choose your dreams

Imagine this...

It's 4:30am, the alarm goes off.

You abruptly awake from a dream. You were sipping a deliciously fruity cocktail poolside, while George Clooney, in scuba gear, played a pink baby grand piano (Does he even play? Do they even come in pink?)

Meanwhile, a Marilyn Monroesque Angelina Jolie sang the French national anthem in a dress made of newspaper shreds - what the?

You let out a big yawn and stretch as you adjust to your current surroundings - your reality.

It's raining outside, the wind is howling and you have to be at work by the ungodly hour of 6am.

How do you feel?

But wait, I didn't tell you the whole story...

You're going to work early in order to leave at lunch time. You have a few loose ends to tie before you, my friend, board a plane that's heading for the Bahamas. This is the morning of your 21-day vacation - woohoo!

How do you feel NOW?

It makes a difference doesn't it?

Our future shapes how we feel in the present. If we're living into a future that inspires, excites and thrills us, we'd all be jumping out of bed before the alarm each morning.

Can choosing our future be as simple as choosing a holiday from a travel brochure?

Let's think about this. No matter what our constraints are, be it time or budget, don't we manage to create a holiday that works for us? One that we look forward to.

A bright future, one that we create, is like equipping ourselves with good suspension on the highway of life. All the little bumps in the road are just that, little bumps.

Perhaps we ought to take holiday planning as a template of how to create a future that's equally as exciting.

Back to the story...

When you get to the Bahamas, you stumble on a film set of a romantic comedy titled 'Le Plongeur'. You learn that George Clooney really can't play, baby grands do come in pink and his co-star, Angelina Jolie, is in all the local papers for sporting a new blonde look, thus discovering you're somewhat psychic.

Until tomorrow, may all your dreams become reality - so choose wisely.

Grace xx

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