Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Setting the Record Straight

Today is cleaning up day - setting the record straight so to speak.

Rather than responding to all different comments, emails and Facebook messages, I've decided to do it once - right here, right now - for everyone to read.
  1. Yesterday's nude photo of me was in fact Photoshopped (it was supposed to be funny). It's my oversized head atop of another woman's body (wasn't that obvious?).

    Said body was chosen because private bits were covered - and I thought it'd give the image a PG rating instead of XXX.

    For those who want to see the REAL me naked (and still remain within a PG rating), check out my YouTube video embedded below. It's a photo montage of the day I modelled nude for Australian artist Samantha Lord, and salvaged my self esteem.

  2. My initial upset over the failure to ignite a global conversation to support others going through grief, was largely to do with failing to ignite a global conversation to support others going through grief. I was not upset about having 'no comments' (thankfully that was cured post 'I am revolting').

  3. To Chanel who wrote:

    "YOU were my light, you were the voice of HOPE, you held my hand and told me it would be ok. I WILL LOVE YOU FOREVER for standing there naked with me!"

    My first response to you is - YOU are my light, YOU are the voice of hope, thank YOU for reminding me all will be okay. I also love you forever and thank you for standing naked with me.

    My second response is yes, I was talking about you. While I am utterly inspired by you and your miracles, I don't reveal the identity of family or friends without consent. You (as in all of you who are reading this right now and have spotted yourself in a story), are more than welcome to reveal yourselves in the comments (not that I'm begging for comments - didn't I say that I was cured?).
Until tomorrow, if records need to be straightened - straighten them.

Grace xx

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  1. I'm completely lost. Did you get my comments? I posted them on an older blog.

    PS Did people really think thst was your body.? Perhaps they haven't used photoshop before.

  2. PS Did people really think thst was your body.?...

    just hopeful :P

  3. Yes, I received your comments, thank you... and yes, I heard on the grapevine that some people (aka parents) were disturbed to find me (a children's author, albeit rather unknown) 'nude' on the web - so hence my public declaration.

  4. I believe so. They obviously haven't been watching my Wednesday videos to see that my body couldn't transformed overnight.


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