Thursday, 3 June 2010

Turning Into a Pumpkin

Today was massive.

After dropping our interstate visitor off at the airport, I went to the gym and ran 6km (woohoo!).

I then did some errands before filming my Weigh-In Wednesday YouTube video (embedded below for your convenience).

Despite it being Thursday at the time of filming, I knew it was Wednesday in some part of the world, so I was okay with that.

Next thing I knew, I found myself squeezing in last minute 'must do's' before racing out the door to do my Bollywood dancing class (which by the way, I LOOOOOOOVE!).

Après, I caught up with some more Adelaidean friends who flew into town this afternoon to work at the Food and Wine Show. In the spirit of all things food and wine, we indulged.

After a delicious meal (don't panic, I was good), some gorgeous wine (don't panic, I was good - is there an echo in here here here?) and a great chin-wag (Aussie for conversation), we made our way home via their hotel - the fancy new Hilton by Jeff's Shed (colloquial term for Melbourne's Exhibition Building). More chin-wagging ensued. Thankfully the wine didn't.

A great night has culminated in me sitting here in front of my laptop after having climbed up our stairs thinking, 'I have to post my blog before midnight' - but too late - I've already turned into a pumpkin! My consolation is that it's still Thursday in some parts of the world right now and I am... okay with that.

What I am finding most fascinating about Project Grace 2010 is my unwavering commitment to this blog. I simply cannot say "that's enough for today". My husband's in bed snoozing while I'm tapping away on the keyboard, and yet that somehow feels perfect.

Am I crazy?

I cannot deny that my daily blogging has helped me through some really tough moments. I've dug up and healed old hurts, progressed though blocks, had a few laughs and even managed to inspire myself along the way. I'm scared that if I stop, I may not start again. So, I keep going come rain, hail or shine - or a plane load of Adelaideans!

Until tomorrow, if you have a commitment, stick to it - even if you've turned into a pumpkin.

Grace xx

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