Friday, 11 June 2010

3 Sleeps to the City of Lights

That's right gorgeous people, I have three sleeps to go before I'm up, up and away bound for Paris - city of lights.

How do I feel?

Excited, nervous and a tad stressed.

Okay, so here's the low down.

My husband Patrick and I, along with three other colleagues, are hosting a tour of fabulous, bubbly and enthusiastic New Zealanders for this year's Le Tour de France.

Our tour officially starts on the 14th July, so we made the difficult decision (not) of heading out a month earlier to do final preparations before the big event.

Patrick is going via Singapore to do a week of mountain bike skills coaching, while I'll be solo in Paris to practice my newly learnt French.

Instead of seeking out hotels, hostels and B&B's, I've decided to get local and seek out apartments and couch surfing. The latter is proving to be quite the adventure. I have virtually met a handful of very friendly Parisians who are keen to have me in their home and show me around their city. They've been completely delightful and I'm looking forward to meeting them.

During my search, I came across an absolutely stunning apartment advertised for a total of €1050 from May 14th until June 24th, which worked out to about €25 per day. I asked if it was available for my dates. It was. Bingo! or so I thought.

Turned out she mistyped her dates by 30 days, thus affecting the calculations and rendering the price to a far less attractive €105 per day. Bummer. Actually, tragic. I had fallen in love with the vision of me living in that apartment and possibly penning a splendiferous bestseller... or my daily blogs at the very least.

While it's still cheaper than many equally fabulously located hotels, it's still too pricey for this little budding author. I have to sell a few more thousand books, or find a sugar daddy, to live that lifestyle.

So with three sleeps to go, and no sugar daddy, I have loose plans to surf a few Parisian couches and let the adventure unfold before me. But before I do, I must climb a mountain of work - that's the 'tad stressed' part.

Until tomorrow, what adventure are you counting down sleeps towards?

Grace xx

PS. I took the above photo in 2005 during our first trip to Paris.

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