Tuesday, 15 June 2010

My Parisian Couch

Have you ever heard of couch surfing?

It's a really cool concept where you register your name as a host, set up your profile, then you get access to couches all over the world.

Pictured right is me on my very first Parisian couch - though technically it's a mattress on the floor of a meditation room.

I've got 3% battery and my Euro converter plug isn't working so I'm signing off for now.

Until tomorrow, make sure you've got what it takes to finish what you start - and recharge your batteries.

Grace xx

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  1. MtbSkillsCoachPat15 June 2010 at 08:58

    Haha very funny. I want more recharge your batteries.
    Pat in Singapore

  2. So near and yet so far. At least we are in the same country now. Enjoy your stay and I hope your trip brings back good memories of 2005 xx
    Chris in Ernée


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