Saturday, 12 June 2010

Saturday Quiz No.3

I'm loving the Saturday Quizzes so here's another one for you.

Guess away in the comments section below and I'll publish the answer on next Saturday's post.

The answer to Saturday Quiz No. 2 was (drum roll)...

To be or not to be.

Now there were a few cheeky answers, which in a cut throat commercial environment would have been shot down in flames for being 'technically' incorrect.

Luckily, or unluckily, no one's making money here so we can afford to be lenient.

Christine the professional opera singer and bloggess extraordinaire wrote:

"Geez, this is a tough one, Grace. All I see are two bees, an oar, a knot, and then two more bees. What are you trying to tell us? That is the question. ;-)"

Srapbooking queen and master bloggerina Diana came up with:

"Two bees...oar...knot...two bees...what was the question (again?) :o)"

And lastly, fellow self-exploratory bloggeister
Inga O topped it off with:

"2 bee oar not knot 2 bee THAT is the question! Love it!"

You are all cheeky monkeys and for that I have three virtual prizes for you. You each have won an imaginary masseur whose gender and nationality can change with your desires. Simply close your eyes and your personal masseur will massage all your troubles away.

Until Monday, have a wonderful Sunday.

Grace xx

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  1. Oh, yeah... That's good... A little bit lower... and to the left. Higher. Yup, right there... Aaaaahhhhh....
    Thanks, Grace!!

  2. It's to do with the army!

  3. I find your fish totally amazing. They follow the cursor. They must be the tech savvy ones, not me. I am still a happy innocent.
    Amusez-vous bien la bas!

  4. Oh my, come bat email! Forgot to put my answer in.


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