Monday, 7 June 2010

Monday Monday

At last, the moment you've all been waiting for...

Today I launched MONDAY MEASURES!

Okay, if you weren't waiting for it and have no idea what I'm taking about - I am committed to changing the mindset of those battling the bulge to shift our focus from weight loss to measurement reduction.

On the first Monday of each month, I'll be taking measures... of my waist, chest, hips and thighs. My aim is to demonstrate that measuring oneself is a more rewarding and accurate way of tracking fat loss. It opposes popular culture that obsesses over weight loss.

I've embedded my first Monday Measures YouTube video below for your convenience (aren't I thoughtful?)

In keeping with the Monday theme, it's time I tell you that I leave for Paris next Monday. Yes you read correctly, Paris. I'll be there one week from today - woohoo! You may or may not know that I'm hosting a tour of non-riders for Le Tour de France next month and I am soooooo excited I can hardly breathe.

I've got a tonne of work to complete between now and then, so my posts are likely to be brief. But don't worry, I'll more than make up for it by sharing my French and Swiss adventures with you - deal?

I have to go to bed now. I'm in the midst of a St. John's First Aid course, which is totally fascinating as well as brain draining.

I'm sure you'd be delighted to know that if you ever lost a limb in my presence, and I managed to save it from the jaws of a pet, I can competently wrap it in plastic and keep it chilled (not iced) until medical help arrives. At this point I should warn you that if I'm required to pop it in the refrigerator, I'll have to write 'Limb in fridge' on your forehead so the ambulance officers don't leave without it. Thought that'd make you sleep easier tonight. Fabulous.

Without further ado, I must retire and recharge my batteries.

Until tomorrow, zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz...

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1 comment:

  1. Well done Grace on your monday measure I like it...........
    Have fun on the tour de france I will be heading off on the 29th June


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