Thursday, 24 June 2010

Tired? Stressed? Swisse?

If yesterday was crazy, then today was INSANE!

After a mere half hour shut eye I was up and out the door waiting for my cab by 4:25am.

Turns out that the Paris metro doesn't open till 5:30am at some stations, AKA ours, and that's simply not enough time to make check-in curfew.

Had I arrived one nanosecond after said curfew, I'd have been reduced to tears - and Tight Arse Airways would've no doubt been in cheers.

No thank you.

I thought a cab fare would be cheaper than another airfare - but after a rude $55 shock, perhaps not.

After a short flight I landed in Geneva and commenced making my way to the French speaking village of Champéry in the Swiss Alps. This is where it gets interesting...

I must have dozed off at my connection and started getting suspicious when the voiceovers and station signage had changed from French to German. After a panicked enquiry to a neighbouring passenger, it was revealed that I had indeed travelled 40 minutes past my stop.


I changed trains and before long Herr Kondukter wanted to fine me $50 for falling asleep. Okay, not quite, he wanted me to pay for my unplanned journey. I felt sick at the thought. First the cab driver who I'm sure took me for an extended tour of Paris en route to the airport and now this - NO!

So I elected to get off at the next stop (apparently it's cheaper to purchase tickets at the station than it is on the train) and he let me go. I boarded the next train and the rest is history, I am here.

My eyes are blurry and my brain is completely fatigued. It reminds me of that advertisement that's being run in Australia - you know the one? "Tired? Stressed? Swisse?" - my answer to that is yes, yes, YES!

(I just re-read my post and laughed out loud. I think my husband will like the sound of that after being away from each other for 10 days - gosh, I'm delirious!)

Until tomorrow, may all mishaps lead to funny stories and a yes, yes, YES!

Grace xx

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  1. All part of the adventure it keeps me glued to your blogs, waiting for the next exciting installment.


  2. After his journey to France from England a few years ago, I don't think he can say anything about having to pay extra to get there xx


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