Tuesday, 29 June 2010


Sometimes, no matter where you are in the world, one needs to do some basic housekeeping.

While I acknowledge that housekeeping (AKA maintenance) is necessary, I find it utterly tedious - ESPECIALLY when travelling.

Keeping the laundry up to date, trimming toenails and eliminating unwanted bodily hair is such a bore - not to mention paying bills and sorting through the gazillion emails sitting in your inbox.

Sooooo not fun.

I reluctantly started 'housekeeping' when I arrived in Switzerland after having spent a day without undies (luckily I was wearing trousers, though I was certain they would split at any time).

The washing is now up to date and I am no longer concerned that there is a real possibility of snagging my trousers on a rogue vine in this Swiss village, thus revealing the absence of underwear. Phew.

Today is earmarked for total body deforestation and clipping my talons before I cause grievous bodily harm to the next person I shake hands with. I have to say, I am totally uninspired by this when I have hot thermal springs beckoning me.

Why is it that we put off the necessary, when we know we'll feel so much better after it's done?

You know when I was a little girl I would put off the urge to relieve my bladder to the point of tragedy. It was traumatic. Yet I could never drag myself away from an entertaining moment to do the business. It seems I am much the same today, only I've traded the loose bladder for Brooke Shields eyebrows and legs that resemble a wooly mammoth.

So without further ado, I bid you adieu - for there are many housekeeping chores that ensue.

Until tomorrow, do the business and avoid tragic moments.

Grace xx

PS. Today's other post, All My Paris Videos, was part of my digital housekeeping - and also brings my number of posts equal to the number of days of Project Grace 2010 (remember how I took the first weekend off?). Ah, I feel so complete. Now for these legs...

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